Posted by Carol-Ann Palmieri & Al Mussi on 8/29/2017

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States. A number of factors contribute to the obesity problem in America. Larger food portions, sugary foods and beverages, fast food and a more sedentary lifestyle are a few major factors. Psychological issues like depression and anxiety can also cause obesity, especially as people look to food to lift their mood and serve as a source of comfort. If youíre not careful, your house could also help to make you fat.

What makes Americans fat

According to Public Health, some people confuse eating as an automatic link to nutrition. It doesnít matter what is consumed. To some Americans, any food is seen as providing nutrition. The fact is that many foods, particularly processed and fast foods, donít provide adequate nutrition. Yet, portion sizes might be large.

Lack of sleep and low quality sleep help to pack on pounds. Most jobs no longer require workers to move enough to receive even a moderate amount of exercise throughout the day. If a diet is high in calories, sitting all day can have short and long term negative effects.

Spending hours at a computer while you knock out one work at home project after another is a good way to gain weight. Youíre busy and you certainly feel like youíre expending a lot of energy, but youíre sitting. A workaround for this challenge is to install a standing workstation at your home. Another option is to get up from your desk once an hour and do light to moderate cardio for 10 minutes. You could also do leg lifts at your desk. Simply raise and lift your legs while youíre sitting.

However, those steps only address one way that you could be using your house to make yourself fat. Colors, pictures, clutter and cleanliness at your house could dampen your mood. So too can lack of natural sunlight. To compensate for feeling down, you might eat bread, drink sugary beverages or snack throughout the day or night.

You could create a more positive home by painting the walls at your house light neutral colors. Add potted flowers, framed motivational slogans and upbeat pictures to your house. Also, stock your bookcases with inspirational and motivational books. As a tip, plants are great for keeping the energy and air inside your house balanced. When temperatures are mild or warm, open the windows, inviting cool, natural breezes inside your home.

Open your drapes, shades and curtains and let natural light steam inside your home. It may take discipline, but get into the habit of exercising for 45 minutes or longer each day. An easy way to exercise at home is to put a treadmill and exercise bike or rowing machine in your basement. But, donít just install the exercise equipment, actually exercise five or more days a week.

Avoid using your house to make yourself fat by paying attention to whatís in your refrigerator. Toss sugary drinks, white bread, potato chips, cookies and other foods and beverages that are high on calories but low on nutrition. You may feel more energetic, balanced, connected and positive. You also might sleep better.

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